The JET COX Tubelight was originally designed to transfer light to those small rooms or tight spaces that do not benefit from direct natural daylight. The sole aim of the Tubelight is to maximise daylight whilst minimising heat transfer.

The application of the Tubelight has changed over the years and they now serve many other purposes and offer many other benefits. The low profile design of the Tubelight is aesthetically pleasing and less obtrusive than an out of plane rooflight; ideal where external constructive changes are undesirable or restricted. Internally, the ceiling light (diffuser) is made of coated aluminium (white or brushed alloy) and has a frosted look which is elegant, yet modern.

The Tubelight is also designed to transport light in both a vertical and horizontal direction, and with lengths of up to 8m the Tubelight can be specified to pass through several floors of a building.

The Tubelight is available in two sizes; 250mm and 350mm, and can be specified for pitched roof (15⁰-60⁰)  or flat roof (>15⁰) applications.


  • Extension Tube 62.5cm, comes with sleeve
  • Elbow Tube, 0-45⁰, comes with sleeve
  • Inner Dome, Polycarbonate; increased insulation
  • Installation brackets for extension tubes
  • Tube Spot
  • Tube Dimmer

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Available Sizes