SHEV Firejet Smoke Systems

The Jet Cox FireJet 165 24V/48V Range provides a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system for all Commercial and Residential applications.

Supplied factory assembled and factory tested all products are certified to CE EN12101-2. FireJet rooflights not only help to provide smoke
extraction in the event of a fire but they also provide day-to-day controllable ventilation. Available in a wide range of sizes (many of which are
held in stock) the Jet Cox FireJet range complies with the latest Building Regulations on Fire Safety and can be integrated into any Building
Management System.
Linked to a central control panel, complete with a battery backup system in case of mains failure, the control panel can be triggered from either
manual override switches local to the ventilator and the ground floor, by dedicated smoke detectors, or by interfacing with a third party smoke
detection/fire alarm system.
The FireJet Range is available with CLEAR or OBSCURE polycarbonate glazing to enhance the buildings natural daylight or with a fully insulated
ALUMINIUM solid cover.
Upstands can be specified either 300mm Splayed PVC-u or 300mm/400mm/500mm Splayed Metal.


  •  Sizes from 1000mm x 1500mm to 1500mm x 2500mm
  • Opens to 165⁰
  • Galvanised Steel Mechanism
  • Glazed Polycarbonate Cover or Solid Insulated aluminium Cover
  • One Mechanism regardless of size
  • Optional Day-to-Day Ventilation Position without additional motor
  • Extremely Low Noise Level
  • Compact 24V/48V DC Motor Unit / Sealed IP54


  • CE EN12101-2 Certified
  • Certificate 1368-CPD-C-002/2009 (I.F.I Institute, Germany)
  • Aerodynamic Free Area up to Aa2.74m² *
  • Snow Load up to 2400N/m²
  • Wind Load up to 1500N/m²
  • Low Ambient Temperature T(-15⁰)
  • Heat Exposure B300
  • Reaction to Fire Class E
  • Opening Speed <60secs
    * Aa-Value in m² (aerodynamic effective smoke exhaust surface)
    according to DIN EN12102-2

Open/Close operation for Ventilation

Safety Anchor Points

Safety Fall Grids

Wind Deflectors

CO2 Detectors

Smoke Detectors

Emergency Push Button

24 v / 48v Control Panel with Battery Backup

Wind and Rain Sensor


Product details on the Jet Group website.